QuantumShift™ Participants Class of 2006

Batchelor, Bruce
Trelawny Consulting Group Ltd.
Greenspan, Sheldon
Hanaar Corp.
Schlegel, James
RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc.
Bembridge, Adam
Great Slave Helicopters Ltd.
Henry, Keith
Windsor Mold Inc.
Shan, Jacqueline
CV Technologies Inc.
Boisclair, Philippe
Canadian Engineered Wood Products
Hetherman, Michael
Willis Group of Companies
Smith, Gordon
Manitoulin Group of Companies
Bourgeois, Bernie
CompuVision Systems Inc.
Kyres, George
Europe's Best Inc.
Smith, Larry
Central Wire Industries Ltd.
Brennan, Jim
Rideau Construction Inc.
Loomans, Hugh
Sylvite Group of Companies
Sottile, Tony
Modern Niagara Group Inc.
Brown, Jeff
Highstreet Asset Management Inc.
MacDonald, Tim
Ideal Supply Company Ltd.
Stacey, Richard
Northern Response (International) Ltd.
Chudleigh, Scott
MacLean, Charles
ASL Group
Sugarman, David
Billy Bee Honey Products Limited
Colter, Geoff
Springhill Construction Limited
Martin, Greg
Martin Facility Services Inc.
Yeh, Herman
Northern Micro
Cook, Stephen
Columbia Packaging
Morin, Eric
Yung, Davis
Fresh Direct Produce Ltd.
Cundari, Aldo
Cundari Group Ltd.
Newell, Steven
Windset Farms
Davis, Jim
ECL Group of Companies Ltd.
Patel, Dr. Piyush
Allied Research International Inc.
Decore, Karyn
Decore Holdings Inc.
Prendiville, Maureen
Prendiville Industries
Desnoyers, Michael
Etratech Inc.
Remai, Barry
Remai Group of Companies